Our Mission

One fine weekend I and my family were supposed to go out camping near the woods. We drove through lustful roads, full of greens and yellows. The woods welcomed us with its verdant and prolific beauty, alongside the melodious tones of the miraculous birds one can ever get to look at.


We trailed around the forest land, trying to find a perfect spot to raise our tents. And there, amidst a thousand pine trees, an open land was waiting for us to call it home for a day. Kids were certainly very hungry and we wanted to roll the old classic way; few sandwiches, rest on the nature. I strolled along the traces of ferocious sound of water coming from nearby. Finally, I reached the bank to get some fresh water of the bay.


A 100 meter away, I could see a dog barking in angst. I could see him dancing though. ‘What kind of a mountain dog dances?’ and I ran back to the tents to bring my kids and show themthe dance. I made sure we ran quickly, and in the next 6 minutes, we reached, though we couldn’t see a dog. I looked around to see if I was in the right place. And I was standing exactly a 100 meter away from where he was supposed to be. I went closer to see if he was nearby, and when I reached where he stood before, I could see him on the ground, lifeless.


Unfortunately, he had a plastic bag in his mouth, full of blood stains. While I thought he was dancing, he wasn’t.The Dance  was apparently his suffering, andbarking in angst was a call for help! Only if I had taken him seriously, I would have been able to help. Our camping trip turned into a burial and we dug him into a pit, prayed for him, blessed those people who left a plastic bag somewhere in faraway water (because they committed a bad karma which took a life) and put him to sleep, forever.


As much as we don’t want this story to be true ever, you must not let it happen too. Just like the fictitious death of a dog in a conjured story, a million of dogs, animals, and birds like him die – every year; many families just like this, see them suffer – every year, and many families are the reason of such deaths – every year.


Our mission is simple; we want you to choose paper bags over plastic bags, paper glasses over plastic ones, paper straws against plastic straws. The way you can’t imagine the pain of this dog, wecan imagine the pain of millions like him and thus we are here; to take part in this revolt, to curb plastic, and let the innocent lives live till they are worn out. Make sure that after reading this heart-wrenching story, we are on the same page. Because do you want to be a reason for something you never intended to do in the first place?


Say No to plastic, Go to paper.
We are GoPepara.